2020 CRWAD Conference

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

CRWAD Keynote Speaker

Vaccine Center Director
Emory Vaccine Center

“T Cell Memory and Exhaustion: Implications for Immunotherapy”

Speaker Info

Amesh Adalja, MD, FIDSA

CRWAD Keynote Speaker

Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security

“The Characteristics of Pandemic Pathogens”

Speaker Info

Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD

African Swine Fever Special Symposium Speaker

Director of Pipestone Applied Research

Pipestone Veterinary Services

The risk of feed for viral transport and transmission: What do we know and what can we do

Waithaka Mwangi, PhD

African Swine Fever Special Symposium Speaker

College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University

Prospects for an African Swine Fever Virus Subunit DIVA Vaccine

Raymond “Bob”  R.R. Rowland, PhD

African Swine Fever Special Symposium Speaker

Professor and Head, Department of Pathobiology

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Illinois

Novel tools for ASF control and prevention: 7 years’ research in Kansas Biosecurity Research Institute

Paul Sundberg, DVM, PhD, DACVPM

African Swine Fever Special Symposium Speaker

Executive Director

Swine Health Information Center

ASF: US prevention, preparedness and response

Roy Curtiss, PhD

2020 ACVM Distinguished Microbiologist

Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology

University of Florida Gainesville

“Converting a pathogen to become a servant

Scott McVey, DVM, PhD, DACVM

2020 AAVI Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist

Director, Center for Grain and Animal Health Research


A Journey Through Vaccine Valley

Larry Glickman, VMD, DrPH

2020 AVEPM Calvin Schwabe Award Recipient

Professor Emeritus

Department of Comparative Pathobiology

College of Veterinary Medicine

Purdue University

Utilizing big data in veterinary medicine

Shawn Bearson, PhD

Research Microbiologist


DIVA vaccine cross-protects against Salmonella serovars in food animals

Alan Beck, ScD

College of Veterinary Medicine

Purdue University

The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond

Jay Calvert, PhD


From Scientific Discovery to Commercial Product in 10 Easy Steps: The Case of CD163 and PRRS Vaccines

Roy Curtiss, PhD

Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology

University of Florida Gainsville

Vaccine Discovery and Development – from Lab to Market Place

Charlene Edinboro, DVM, PhD


“Small Animals – Big Data!”

Thomas Gallagher, PhD

Loyola University Chicago

Host factors controlling susceptibility to coronavirus infections

Cyril G. Gay, DVM, PhD

Senior National Program Leader, Animal Production and Protection


” The U.S. National Biodefense Strategy for developing veterinary countermeasures to prepare and respond to biological threat agents.”

Douglas Gladue, PhD


Advances in African swine fever live-attenuated vaccines

George Moore, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Purdue University

“Big Data (Big Benefits or Big Obstacles?)”

Srinand Sreevatsan, BVSC, MVSC, MPH, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation

Michigan State University

Mycobacterium-host interactions – Lessons from 25 years of research on a slow growing bacterium

John H. Wyckoff III. PhD

Director of BioMARC

Colorado State University

“From Discovery to Corporate Development; Challenges between Academia and Commercialization.”

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Award Winners!

American College of Veterinary Microbiologists Awards (ACVM)

  • Servane Payen– Abstract # 277- “Role of maturation of lipoproteins in the pathogenesis of the infection caused by Streptococcus suis
  • Taylor Heckman– Abstract #507- “We’ve got a live one! Generation of a live-attenuated vaccine to piscine streptococcosis”
  • Mai Farghaly, Abstract #169- “Examination of the horizontal gene transfer dynamics of an integrative and conjugative element in Histophilus somni
  • Widaliz Vega Rodriguez– Abstract #274- “The role of the conserved alphaherpesvirus glycoprotein C in host-to-host transmission”
  • Maverick Aradanas– Abstract #353-“Study of virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance in S. suis isolates using whole genome sequencing”


American Association of Veterinary Immunologists (AAVI)

  • Jayne Wiarda– Abstract #379- “Single cell and deep transcriptomic analysis identify common and cell type specific genes in porcine immune cell”
  • Pooja Choudhary– Abstract #537- “Immune responses in pigs following repeated intrauterine vaccination and passive protection in piglets”
  • Graham Redweik– Abstract #374- “Reserpine increases Salmonella resistance in chicken intestinal explants via norepinephrine release”
  • Mareva Bleuze– Abstract #365- “The G-CSF produced by sentinel immune cells induces neutrophil mobilization during Streptococcus suis infection”
  • Kezia Fourie- Abstract #539- “Evaluation of antigen candidates for a Lawsonia intracellularis subunit vaccine”
  • Jamison Slate- Abstract #393- “Prophylactic ursolic acid treatment modulates inflammatory responses during Mannheimia haemolytica infection”

The Animal Health Institute and Joseph J. Garbarino Foundation Biosafety and Biosecurity Awards

  • C. Elijah– Abstract #140- “African swine fever virus distribution in a feed mill after manufacture of virus-inoculated feed”
  • Gabrielle Miller– Abstract #491- “Insights into antimicrobial resistance and virulence in Salmonella spp. from snake samples through genomic approach”


NC1202 Enteric Diseases of Food Animals Awards

  • Xiaoyu Niu– Abstract #563- “Mutation in the exoribonuclease of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus causes high genetic instability”
  • Kush Kumar Yadav– Abstract #555- “Ectopic expression of genotype-1 Hepatitis E virus ORF4 increases genotype-3 HEV viral replication in cell culture”
  • Rachel Soltys– Abstract #493- “High-resolution comparative genomics identifies Salmonella Kentucky ST198 and ST152 lineage-specific mutations”

Association for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Awards (AVEPM) 

  • Min Zhang–  Abstract #183- “Bayesian latent class mixture model with censoring for correlation in antimicrobial resistance across populations”
  • Sejin Cheong– Abstract #315- “Survey of management and animal health practices on organic dairy herds in California”

The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP)

  • Macy Flowers–  Abstract #297 – “Investigating the occurance of transplacental Anaplasma marginale transmission in endemic beef cattle herds”

Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (STVM)

  • Kyle Hoffman– Abstract #443- “Protein antigens associated with seroreactivity of cattle producing reduced tick performance”

Thursday, Dec 3, 2020

  • 11:00 am – 2:00 pm CST — Open test connection for registered participants.

Saturday, Dec 5, 2020

  • 7:00 am CST – Recorded presentations become available online to registered participants.
  • 9:45 am-10:00 am CST – Official Opening of CRWAD Conference – Dr. Amelia Woolums, President
  • CRWAD Conference Keynote Speakers (Live-stream presentations that are being recorded)
    • 10:00 -11:00 am CST – Rafi Ahmed – “T Cell Memory and Exhaustion: Implications for Immunotherapy”
    • 11am – noon CST – Amesh Adalja – “The Characteristics of Pandemic Pathogens”
  • BREAK 12:00 -12:30 pm CST
  • Special Symposium on African Swine Fever (Live-stream presentations that are being recorded)
    • 12:30 – 1:15pm CST – Paul Sundberg – “ASF: US prevention, preparedness and response.”
    • 1:15-2:00 pm CST – Raymond R. R. (Bob) Rowland – “Novel tools for ASF control and prevention: 7 years’ research in Kansas Biosecurity Research Institute.”
    • BREAK 2:00-2:15 pm CST
    • 2:15-3:00pm CST – Scott Dee – “The risk of feed for viral transport and transmission: What do we know and what can we do.”
    • 3:00 – 3:45 pm CST – Waithaka Mwangi – “Prospects for an African Swine Fever Virus Subunit DIVA Vaccine”
    • BREAK 3:45-4:00 pm CST
    • 4:00 – 5:00 pm CST – Interactive Q&A session with ASF speaker panel

Sunday, Dec 6, 2020

  • View all recorded presentations, including sessions recorded on Saturday

Monday, Dec 7, 2020

  • *ACVM Distinguished Microbiologist Symposium (Recorded Featured Speaker Presentations become available on Sat, Dec 5 at 7am)
    • 10-10:45 am – Distinguished Microbiologist Awardee, Roy Curtiss, “Converting a Pathogen to Become a Servant” (Live-stream presentation that is being recorded)
    • *10:45 -11 am CST Moderated panel discussion with Q&A for ACVM Featured Speakers
      • Roy Curtis, PhD, 2020 ACVM Distinguished Microbiologist Awardee
      • *Thomas Gallagher, PhD, “Host factors controlling susceptibility to coronavirus infections” (pre-recorded presentation)
      • *Srinand Sreevatsan, BVSC, MVSC, MPH, PhD, Mycobacterium-host interactions-Lessons from 25 years of research on a slow growing bacterium” (pre-recorded presentation)
  • *AVEPM Calvin Schwabe Symposium (Recorded Featured Speaker Presentations become available on Sat, Dec 5 at 7am)
    • 11:00 – 11:40 Presentation of Calvin Schwabe Award to Larry Glickman, (Live-stream presentation that is being recorded.
      • *Moderated panel discussion with Q&A for Schwabe Symposium Featured Speakers
        • Larry Glickman, DVM, PhD, 2020 Recipient of the Calvin Schwabe Award
        • *Alan Beck, ScD, “The biology of the human-animal bond” (pre-recorded presentation
        • *Charlene Edinboro, DVM, PhD, “Small animals-Big data!” (pre-recorded presentation)
        • *George E. Moore, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, “Big data – Big benefits or big obstacles?” (pre-recorded presentation)
  • CRWAD Organization Business Meeting
    • 12:00-1:00pm CST – Live-stream presentation and discussion that is being recorded
  • BREAK 1:00 -1:30 pm CST
  • AAVI Distinguished Immunologist Symposium – Bridging the Gap: Vaccines from Concept to Usage
    • 1:30-4:30pm CST – Live-stream presentations that are being recorded
      • 1:30-2:30 PM – Distinguished Immunologist Awardee, D. Scott McVey, “A Journey Through Vaccine Valley”
      • 2:30-3:00 PM – Jay Calvert, “From Scientific Discovery to Commercial Product in 10 Easy Steps:  The case of CD163 and PRRS Vaccines.”
      • 3:00-3:30 PM – Roy Curtiss III, “Vaccine Discovery and Development – from Lab to Market Place”
      • 3:30-4:00 PM – Douglas Gladue,“Advances in African swine fever live-attenuated vaccines”
      • 4:00-4:30 PM – Shawn Bearson, USDA-ARS, “DIVA vaccine cross-protects against Salmonella serovars in food animals”
  • 4:30 PM AVEPM Business Meeting

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020

  • View all recorded presentations, including sessions recorded on Saturday and Monday
  • Animal Vaccinology Research Network Symposium
    • 9:00- 12:00 PM CST – Live-stream presentations that are being recorded
      • 9:00- 9:15 AM- Dr. Steven Geary, PhD, Update on the USAVRCN
      • 9:15- 10:15 AM- Cyril Gay, DVM, PhD, “The U.S National Biodefense Strategy for developing veterinary countermeasures to prepare and respond to biological threat agents”
      • 10:15- 10:35 AM- Moderated discussion with Q&A with Dr. Gay
      • 10:35- 11:35 AM- John Wyckoff, PhD, “From Discovery to Corporate Development; Challenges between Academia and Commercialization.”
      • 11:35- 11:55 AM- Moderated discussion with Q&A with Dr. Wyckoff
      • 11:55- 12:00 PM- Closing Comments
  • BREAK 12-12:30 pm CST
  • 12:30 – 1pm CST – Student Award announcements and closing remarks

*It is recommended that you view the  pre-recorded presentations prior to joining the live-stream Q&A sessions.

FEATURED SPEAKER - CRWAD KEYNOTERafiAhmedT cell memory and exhaustion: implications for immunotherapy
FEATURED SPEAKER - CRWAD KEYNOTEAmeshAdaljaCharacteristics of microbes most likely to cause pandemics and global catastrophes
FEATURED SPEAKER - ASF SYMPOSIUMPaulSundbergASF: US prevention, preparedness, and response
FEATURED SPEAKER - ASF SYMPOSIUMRaymond (Bob)RowlandNovel tools for ASF control and prevention: 7 years’ research in Kansas Biosecurity Research Institute
FEATURED SPEAKER - ASF SYMPOSIUMScottDeeRisk of feed for viral transport and transmission: What do we know and what can we do?
FEATURED SPEAKER - ASF SYMPOSIUMWaithakaMwangiProspects for an African Swine Fever Virus subunit DIVA vaccine
FEATURED SPEAKER - ACVMRoyCurtiss IIIConverting a pathogen to become a servant
FEATURED SPEAKER - ACVMTomGallagherHost factors controlling susceptibility to coronavirus infections
FEATURED SPEAKER - ACVMSrinandSreevatsanIron regulation in Mycobacterium paratuberculosis – A tale of two regulators
FEATURED SPEAKER - SCHWABE SYMPOSIUMLarryGlickmanBig data to the rescue of ProHeart6: how a drug once declared unsafe by FDA returns to the market
FEATURED SPEAKER - SCHWABE SYMPOSIUMAlanBeckThe biology of the human-animal bond
FEATURED SPEAKER - SCHWABE SYMOSIUMCharleneEdinboroSmall animals - big data!
FEATURED SPEAKER - SCHWABE SYMPOSIUMGeorgeMooreBig data (big benefits or big obstacles?) 
FEATURED SPEAKER - AAVIScottMcVeyA journey through vaccine valley
FEATURED SPEAKER - AAVIJayCalvertFrom scientific discovery to commercial product in 10 easy steps: The case of CD163 and PRRS vaccines
FEATURED SPEAKER - AAVIRoyCurtiss IIIVaccine discovery and development – from lab to market place
FEATURED SPEAKER - AAVIDouglasGladueAdvances in African swine fever live-attenuated vaccines
FEATURED SPEAKER - AAVIShawnBearsonDIVA vaccine cross-protects against Salmonella serovars in food animals
FEATURED SPEAKER - AVRN SYMPOSIUMCyrilGayThe significance of veterinary vaccines for the U.S National Biodefense Strategy
FEATURED SPEAKER - AVRN SYMPOSIUMJohnWyckoffFrom discovery to corporate development; challenges between academia and commercialization
FEATURED SPEAKER - AVRN SYMPOSIUMStevenGearyUnited States Animal Vaccine Research Coordination Network (USAVRCN)
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERWMwangiEfficacy of prototype live-vectored African swine fever virus vaccines
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERWMwangiPARTNERSHIP: Single-cycle Replicon-based African Swine Fever Virus Subunit Vaccine
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERDustinPetrikSurveillance and detection of African Swine Fever Virus in pork products using the MatMaCorp Solas 8 platform
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERDouglasGladueDiscovery of stable cell lines for both African swine fever vaccine production and ASFV diagnostics
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERBeatrizMartínez-LópezTracing African swine fever: viral evolution and disease transmission in the Southern African Development Community
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERJanePouzouPartitioning© A framework to design cost-effective on-farm ASF surveillance in endemic areas
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERAnne De GrootImmunogenic T cell-directed African Swine Fever vaccine designed with immunoinformatic tools
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERFangfengYuanDevelopment of a blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against ASFV
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERHachungYoonTracking visit to pig farms of livestock vehicles after passing through affected areas of ASF in wild boars
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERCeciliaBalestreriDevelop a risk-free in situ non-animal (RISNA) megavirus surrogate assay for ASFV
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERCElijahAfrican swine fever virus distribution in a feed mill after manufacture of virus-inoculated feed
AFRICAN SWINE FEVEREbanja JosephEbwangaThe current situation of African swine fever in Cameroon
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERKaushalyaKuruppuPredicting global risk of introduction of African Swine Fever (ASF) using spatial neighborhood
AFRICAN SWINE FEVERCeciliaBalestreriDevelop a risk-free in situ non-animal (RISNA) megavirus surrogate assay for ASFV
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESGerlindeVan de WalleEquine mesenchymal stromal cells display antimicrobial properties in an ex vivo skin biofilm explant model
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESNadineVogtA scoping review of the evidence for the medicinal use of natural honey in animals
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESDipakKathayatPeptides affecting membrane phospholipid transport as novel therapeutics against avian pathogenic E. coli (APEC)
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESCassieKrebillEvaluating the effectiveness of organic therapies on the treatment and management of bovine digital dermatitis
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESDanielNelsonThe multi-domain PlySs9 cell wall hydrolase is a potential therapeutic against Streptococcus suis
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESDanielNelsonPre-clinical studies on an enzyme therapeutic for S. uberis-associated bovine mastitis
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESJenniferTimmons Phage Endolysins As Alternative Antibiotics To Control Clostridia In Poultry
ANTIMICROBIAL ALTERNATIVESDavidSheedyNon-antimicrobial options for prevention or treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: A Scoping Review
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEDéboraGoulartThe influence of enrofloxacin and danofloxacin on fluoroquinolone resistance in Campylobacter jejuni in calves
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLERetaAbdiGeographical distribution and abundance of multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in milk and beef production
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEAlyssaToillionImpact of Chlorotetracyline on the selection of Antimicrobial Resistance in E.coli and Enterococcus in Beef Cattle
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEJohnEkakoroAntimicrobial susceptibility in E. coli isolated from cattle specimens submitted to diagnostic laboratory, 2010-19
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEKaylaStrongAntimicrobial resistant enterococci in the beef production system: a cross-sectoral scoping review
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEWilliamCrosbyThe effect of tulathromycin on morbidity and prevalence of Mannheimia haemolytica Genotype 2 in 84 stocker heifers
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEDavidSheedyEffect of antimicrobial treatment on rate of gain and loss of antimicrobial resistance in California dairy cattle
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEEssamAbdelfattahAntimicrobial resistance of fecal Escherichia coli and Enterococci from California dairy cows by region and season
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEElisaCellaEstimating the rate of acquisition and loss of ceftiofur resistance in preweaned dairy calves
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLEBentiGelalchaPrevalence and detection of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in dairy cattle farm environments in East Tennessee
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - CATTLESherylGowAntimicrobial resistance in Enterococcus spp. recovered from feedlot cattle and associations with antimicrobial use
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALRetaAbdiDogs as reservoirs of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALMuJinAntimicrobial Resistant Bacteria Transmission between Humans and Companion Animals: A Scoping Review
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALJohnEkakoroAntimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from dog specimens, 2010-2019
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALJohnEkakoroAntimicrobial susceptibility of E. coli isolated from diagnostic canine specimens, 2010-2019
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALNingZhangUncovering Escherichia coli multidrug resistance patterns among dogs with association rule mining
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALLaurelReddingVeterinarian Perceptions of Antimicrobial Use Metrics for Hospital-Based Stewardship in the United States
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - COMPANION ANIMALLaurelReddingPosters have limited utility in conveying a message of antimicrobial stewardship to pet owners
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSNigatuAtlawResistome characterization of extended spectrum β-lactamase E. coli from sheep and abattoir environment
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSBreannaShi Bioinformatic analysis of microbiome composition and associated antimicrobial resistance genes in rumen data
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSMaiFarghalyExamination of the horizontal gene transfer dynamics of an integrative and conjugative element in Histophilus somni
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSKarenLiljebjelkeGenomic analysis of an Integrative Conjugative Element conveying antimicrobial resistance in Histophilus somni
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSJessicaHicksSingle nucleotide polymorphism analysis of bovine Mannheimia haemolytica isolates
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSNoelleNoyesEvaluating the discriminative capacity of resistome variants
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - GENOMICSJaredYoungFecal microbiome-resistome dynamics of PRRSV-challenged pigs under varying antimicrobial drug exposures
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEEceBulutComparison of different biomass methodologies to adjust sales data on veterinary antimicrobials in the US
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCESamRowePartial Budget Analysis Of Culture And Algorithm Guided Selective Dry Cow Therapy
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEMustaphaAbatchaAntimicrobial resistance in Streptococcus suis isolates from USDA's Antimicrobial Resistance Pilot Project, 2019
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCESnehaJhaEstablishing an AMR surveillance system in the USA to analyze the E. coli resistome across the One Health spectrum
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEKarunKaniyamattamThe economic costs of antibiotic use constraints in U.S. integrated beef supply chains: A systems approach
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEDanaTschritterModeling human exposure and risk to fluoroquinolone-resistant Campylobacter from retail chicken in Canada
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEXiminZengCritical role of 3'-downstream region of pmrB in regulating colistin resistance in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEMinZhangBayesian latent class mixture model with censoring for correlation in antimicrobial resistance across populations
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - MODELING AND SURVEILLANCEBrittanyMorganUsing Bayesian Networks to Identify MIC Distribution Profiles for E. coli Isolates from Dairy Heifers in California
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLERafaelPortilloInter-observer agreement between veterinarians and farm caretakers: a hierarchical survey of antimicrobial use
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLEJessicaPempekA survey of individual and group-level antimicrobial usage on veal farms in the United States
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLEJessicaPempekThe impact of a bundled intervention on the accuracy of veal calf producer diagnoses for antimicrobial treatments
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLESebastianLlanos-SotoInternational survey of veterinarians' perceptions about antibiotic use and resistance on dairy cattle farms
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLEDennisMakauDrivers of antimicrobial use in pastoral communities in Kenya
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLEAnettSzczepanekAntimicrobial drug use and health outcomes in pre-weaned California dairy calves
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP - CATTLEEssamAbdelfattahAntimicrobial use and stewardship practices on California dairies post restriction of over-the-counter sales
ANTIMICROBIAL USEEceBulutHow does public perception of antibiotic use on dairy farms contribute to preference for organic?
ANTIMICROBIAL USEAlecLucasEconomic Impact of Removing Arrival Metaphylaxis in the U.S. Stocker and Feedlot Industry
ANTIMICROBIAL USETUyamaAssociations among management practices and antimicrobial use for calf diarrhea on Canadian dairy farms
ANTIMICROBIAL USELaurelReddingComparison of animal daily doses and days of therapy for antimicrobials in species of veterinary importance
ANTIMICROBIAL USERandallSingerOn-farm monitoring of antimicrobial use and resistance in U.S. broiler production
ANTIMICROBIAL USEBreannaAlmeidaQuantitative estimates of antimicrobial use in veal calves
AQUACULTUREDiem ThuNguyenChallenge model of piscine streptococcosis in white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus l.) fingerlings
AQUACULTUREChristianSchuttertVibrio coralliilyticus RE22 kills oyster larvae and prey bacteria using two Type Six Secretion Systems
AQUACULTUREEstebanSotoEfficacy of glucans as immunostimulants to white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus
AQUACULTUREDavidPaezImplications of specialization of a salmonid rhabdovirus for disease management
AQUACULTURETaylorHeckmanStreptococcus iniae biofilms enhance environmental persistence and resistance to antimicrobials and disinfectants
AQUACULTURELoraPetrie-HansonTrained macrophages and non-target protection against Edwardsiella ictaluri and E. piscicida in channel catfish
AQUACULTURELarryHansonSublethal microcystin LR exposure of channel catfish induces liver pathology and altered phagocyte function
AQUACULTUREEvanJonesAssessment of F. psychrophilum virulence in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)
AQUACULTUREJoaoRomeroDTU-DADS-Aqua: a simulation framework to assist infectious disease management planning in marine aquaculture
AQUACULTUREHajaroobaGnanagobalResponse of Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) to Renibacterium salmoninarum chronic infection
AQUACULTURELuke OliverDevelopment of an anti-IgM monoclonal antibody for burbot (Lota lota)
AQUACULTUREBradleyRichardsonHaplotype and genomic variation in atypical Aeromonas hydrophila (aAh) of channel catfish aquaculture in the US
AQUACULTUREIreneSalinasContributions of organized nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissue to rainbow trout immune response to vaccination
AQUACULTUREJohnHansenAn update from the Collaborative Immune Reagent Network for Aquacultured Species (CIRNAS)
AQUACULTUREJieMaCharacterization of maternal immunity following vaccination of broodstock against IHNV or F. psychrophilum in trout
AQUACULTURETrungCaoIsolation and characterization of outer membrane vesicles from the fish pathogen Moritella viscosa
AQUACULTURECristopherSegoviaVibrio anguillarum stress response through ncRNAs to different temperature and limitation of nutrients.
AQUACULTURESurendraKumarTranscriptional response of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) to Aeromonas salmonicida infection reveals novel pathways
AQUACULTUREUmasuthanNavaneethaiyerComparative Genomics and Virulence of Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolated from Wild Cunners (Tautogolabrus adspersus)
AQUACULTUREAhmedHossainRole of CspB and CspD proteins in aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida genomics, physiology, and virulence
BACTERIOLOGYAnandKarkiStaphylococcus aureus enhances biofilm formation, aerotolerance, and survival of Campylobacter at low temperature
BACTERIOLOGYHong-TaeParkAnalysis of initial stage of M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection with in vitro granuloma model
BACTERIOLOGYHan SangYooAnimal Models for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection
BACTERIOLOGYJaredJochumESBL-producing bacteria detected in commercial poultry farms
BACTERIOLOGYSydneySchnurRelative isolation rates of bacteriophages lytic to Fusobacterium necrophorum from rumen and sewage samples
BACTERIOLOGYBahram ShojadoostInoculation of lactobacilli mixture reduces lesions and modulates gut microbiota in chicken necrotic enteritis
BACTERIOLOGYLuisFernandesDevelopment and application of CRISPR-interference (CRISPRi) in pathogenic Leptospira
BACTERIOLOGYAlejandraRivoltaEDTA inhibits Rhodococcus equi growth in vitro
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLDouglasRhoadsBacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in broilers: pathogen genomics, and management strategies
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLLucas PantaleonAlternative techniques to protect environmental surfaces
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLGireeshRajashekaraNovel Therapeutic Leads; Demonstration of efficacy, safety, and applicability of anti-APEC molecules in chickens
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLKathleenO'HaraDescriptive and multiple factor analysis of the North Macedonian pig sector: implications for disease transmission
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLJuliaSmithInteractions and innovations generate insights for influencing biosecurity adoption in agricultural animal systems
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLUmangaGunasekeraMolecular surveillance of foot-and-mouth disease virus at slaughterhouses in Vietnam
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLMadisonSokaczControlling Bovine Leukemia Virus in young stock and cows by identifying and removing super-shedders
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLMarkJutilaIsolation of potential therapeutic, lytic bacteriophage for Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M. ovi).
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLAndreiaArrudaPerceived risks and benefits for participation in poultry disease monitoring programs in the US: a cluster analysis
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLAndreiaArrudaA systematic review on emergency mass-depopulation methods for swine
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLEmilyKentControl of Salmonella Dublin in a dairy herd
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLSylviaCheckleyPrevalence factors associated with fluoroquinolone resistant Campylobacter jejuni in broiler flocks in Canada
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLMontserratTorremorellSignificant inactivation of airborne coronavirus in a ducted ultraviolet-C (UV-C) System
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLEricClarkHarnessing emergent digital tools for quantifying agricultural disease risk preferences
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLGabrielaBuciniConnecting livestock disease and market dynamics to human biosecurity decisions
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLBrindhalakshmiBalasubramanianEffect of eugenol nanoemulsion on the structure, composition, and microbial load in Listeria monocytogenes biofilm
BIOSECURITY & INFECTION CONTROLSujaAarattuthodiChannel catfish virus targeted management approaches in catfish aquaculture
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASETaraMcDaneldCharacterization of the respiratory microbiome and virome associated with bovine respiratory disease complex
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEPaitonMcDonaldApplications of thoracic ultrasonography to evaluate progression and severity of bovine respiratory disease
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEThomasInzanaIn vitro characterization of poly-microbial biofilms by bovine respiratory disease pathogens
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEThomasInzanaThe role of the global regulator Hfq and small RNAs in the regulation of virulence factors in Histophilus somni
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEWilliamCrosbyComparison of 3 sampling methods for recovery of Mannheimia haemolytica from feedlot cattle
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEHectorRojasAssociations of pen management characteristics and cattle morbidity in the first 45 days after feedlot arrival
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEClintonJonesProgesterone stimulates bovine herpesvirus 1 gene expression and reactivation from latency.
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEAmeliaWoolumsBlood biomarker discovery in high-risk stocker cattle at-arrival: differentiating respiratory health and disease
BOVINE RESPIRATORY DISEASEFlorenciaMeyerReplication of Bovine herpesvirus 1.1 is influenced by the co-infection of Mannheimia haemolytica.
BRUCELLOSISDr AdamuSaiduStudies on Intra-ocular Vaccination of Adult Cattle with Reduced-Dose Brucella abortus Strain-19 Vaccine
BRUCELLOSISDanielNthiwaIncidence of Brucella spp. in various livestock species raised under the pastoral production system in Kenya
BRUCELLOSISStevenOlsenImmune responses and efficacy of two different vaccination strategies in elk against brucellosis
BRUCELLOSISWoo BinParkAnalysis of TLR expression in the macrophages derived from different hosts of the stimulation with Brucella canis
BRUCELLOSISSoniaVectionA new drug to fight Brucellosis?
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGJamesStantonMinION-based RACE-Seq of infectious bronchitis viruses from tissues and FTA cards
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGRetaAbdiA multiplex immunochromatogarphic lateral flow assay for detection of ESBL and carbamenemase-producer bacteria
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGKimberlyLehmanDevelopment of a PCR screening test for Mycobacteria tuberculosis in Elephant Trunk Washings
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGSyeda AnumHadiApplication of pathogen-specific biomarkers to enhance specificity of bovine TB diagnosis
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGMaggieBuktenicaELISA protocol for novel caprine coronavirus and serologic survey of exposed goat herds in Northern California.
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGQun TreenHuoA Rapid Test to Monitor the Immune Status Change and Disease Risk of Dairy Cows during the Periparturient Period
DIAGNOSTIC TESTINGEricVogelDevelopment of capture antigens & sensor functionalization procedures for viral respiratory bovine health screening
DISEASE PATHOGENESISYunTianUsing receptor affinity and IFN-inductive propensity of ACE2 to predict SARS-COV2 susceptibility in vertebrates
DISEASE PATHOGENESISFeng-QiZhaoLCM-seq analysis of local and systemic responses of mammary epithelial cells in cows locally treated with LPS
DISEASE PATHOGENESISAshleyPutmanIsoprostanes reduce reactive oxygen species production and apoptosis in a bovine model of oxidative stress
DISEASE PATHOGENESISPrabhaBistaThe role of outer membrane proteins in attachment and pathogenicity of Fusobacterium necrophorum
DISEASE PATHOGENESISWidalizVega RodriguezThe role of the conserved alphaherpesvirus glycoprotein C in host-to-host transmission
DISEASE PATHOGENESISJenniferWilson-WelderTreponeme-associated hoof disease of wild elk in sheep model
DISEASE PATHOGENESISTheaJohnsonExperimental Infection of Specific-Pathogen-Free Domestic Lambs with Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae
DISEASE PATHOGENESISMChiriviEndotoxin enhances lipolytic responses and impairs insulin sensitivity in bovine adipose tissue
DISEASE PATHOGENESISBrandonRuddellCharacterizing the regulatory interactions of small RNAs CjNC110 and CjNC140 of Campylobacter jejuni IA3902
DISEASE PATHOGENESISGretaKrafsurMetabolism And Inflammation Predict Cardiopulmonary Disease Outcomes In Fattening Beef Cattle: Histopathology
DISEASE PATHOGENESISSLinLangat Virus Inhibits STAT3 Signaling via Blocking Its Phosphorylation
DISEASE PATHOGENESISRenaeSieckMandibulofacial dysostosis caused by a recessive mutation in Hereford cattle
DISEASE PATHOGENESISSPayenRole of maturation of lipoproteins in the pathogenesis of the infection caused by Streptococcus suis
DISEASE PATHOGENESISEmilyArndtInducing Streptococcus suis disease in nursery piglets challenged by serotype 2
DISEASE PATHOGENESISJosephSmithDevelopment of a caprine respiratory disease induction model for Pasteurella multocida P1063 (type A3).
DISEASE PATHOGENESISLiMaBig-data Genomic Investigation to Improve Dairy Cattle Health
DISEASE PATHOGENESISHansChengGenomic screens to identify causative polymorphisms accounting for Marek's disease genetic resistance in chicken
DISEASE PATHOGENESISUdeniBalasuriyaHost-Virus Interactions Mediating Equine Arteritis Virus Persistence in the Stallion Reproductive Tract
EPIDEMIOLOGYNicholasBlackDescription of turnover events of animal caretakers in Ohio swine farms
EPIDEMIOLOGYJulianMontoya LopezPrevalence of PRRSv, PEDv, PDCoV and TGEv in pig farm manure pits
EPIDEMIOLOGYHuiwenWangIsolation and characterization of the emerging pathogen Escherichia albertii in broilers in Mississippi and Alabama
EPIDEMIOLOGYMargaretKhaitsaEmpowerment of small-holder women in East Africa using poultry production
EPIDEMIOLOGYChristopherChaseThe presence of persistent bovine viral diarrhea virus infection and a novel bosavirus in a bison herd
EPIDEMIOLOGYMichaelBeckerDescribing outbreaks and identifying vectors of bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus in Louisiana
EPIDEMIOLOGYMohamedZeineldinLarge-Scale Survey of Prion Protein Genetic Variability in Scrapie Disease-Free Goats from the United States.
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLEAlexisThompsonMeasures of passive maternal immunity and the occurrence of negative health events in pre-weaned beef calves
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLEViolaChemisCharacteristic climatic patterns that precipitate outbreaks of Rift Valley fever in East Africa
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLESabinaPonickiPreliminary results from a survey of farm-to-market pathways for Minnesota beef cattle
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLEAllisonAndrewsSurveillance of bovine anaplasmosis Tennessee beef cattle
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLEMacyFlowersInvestigating the occurance of transplacental Anaplasma marginale transmission in endemic beef cattle herds
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLENoraMimouneContribution to the study of genital tract pathologies of cows in Algeria
EPIDEMIOLOGY - CATTLENoraMimouneOvarian tumors in cattle
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALKeeganJonesA system dynamics model of shelter capacity for care
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALMohammadHoward-AzzehThe impact of cannabis legislation, socioeconomic and dog characteristics on cannabis poisoning reports of US dogs
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALGraceNicholIsolation and strain-typing of Borrelia burgdorferi from ticks on dogs
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALMaggieMurphyEffect of functional feed additive on digestibility of two grass hays with similar neutral detergent fiber content
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALGregoryBallashComparative phylogeny, antimicrobial resistance, and virulence of canine and human uropathogenic Escherichia coli
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALJun GuKangCanine severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Republic of Korea
EPIDEMIOLOGY - COMPANION ANIMALJun GuKangPrevalence of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in cats
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEViniciusMachadoThe association of cow related factors with metritis cure risk, fertility, milk yield, and culling
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLECassandraReedmanRandomized control trial examining the effects of xylazine sedation in calves disbudded with a cautery iron
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEHanneGoetzBiomarkers measured at arrival associated with morbidity, mortality and average daily gain in male dairy calves
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEJulia SaraceniDisbudding and dehorning practices for pre-weaned dairy calves by farmers in Wisconsin, USA
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEZelmarRodriguezMilk characteristics, health and reproduction of dairy cows based on the temporal diagnostic of hyperketonemia
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEPaulBartlettImpact of bovine leukemia virus on cow longevity and production
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEPaulBartlettControl of bovine leukemia virus in dairy cattle
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEPauloMentaIncidence, risk factor, and impact of metritis in dairy cows housed in dry-lots.
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEBoNorbyImpact of Bovine Leukemia Virus infection on disease incidence and severity in dairy cattle
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEBenjaminTverdyEffects of serum total protein on health measures, average daily gain, and metabolites in the Holstein dairy calf.
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLESejinCheongSurvey of management and animal health practices on organic dairy herds in California
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEP.KimeliEffects of housing improvements on the growth of heifer calves on Kenyan smallholder dairy farms
EPIDEMIOLOGY - DAIRY CATTLEP.KimeliEvaluation of environmental and comfort enrichment on lying behaviours in heifer calves on smallholder dairy farms
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGFredrickOtienoPredicting spatial distribution of anthrax and identifying the influencing factors in southern Kenya
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGColleenWebbModeling Swine Movement Patterns and Disease Surveillance at the U.S. National Scale
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGKimberlyVanderWaalTracking the dispersal of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in Uganda using novel phylodynamic methods
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGKaushiKanankegeUse of rehabilitation data to monitor spatiotemporal trends of wildlife health in Minnesota
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGLindsayBeck-JohnsonForecasting foot and mouth disease outbreaks using multi-model ensembles
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGWalkerHycheExploring state-level risks for introducing chronic wasting disease into wild cervid populations
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGNakarinPamornchainavakulEstimating farm-level reproductive numbers for PRRSV using sequence-based transmission tree analysis
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGJessicaDennehyModelling Pasteurella multocida dynamics within free living amoeba in soil in the Kazakhstan steppe
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGHeatherWalkerModeling avian influenza virus transmission dynamics in migratory waterfowl to assess risk to pig populations
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGIgorPaploskiForecasting PEDV outbreaks at the farm-level in the U.S. swine industry
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGDennisMakauRole of animal movements in PRRS spread in the U.S. swine industry
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGMeganCoffmanUse of an integrated modeling approach to assess risk of windborne transmission of Foot and Mouth Disease
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGDapengHuLeveraging evidence from meta-analyses to determine the sample size of subsequent trials
EPIDEMIOLOGY - MODELINGFangshuYeAssessing randomized controlled trial designs and statistical analyses for the comparative efficacy of treatments
GENOMICSDouglasRhoadsValidation of a SNP panel for selection for ascites resistance in broilers
GENOMICSMaksimLebedevResponse of the lung transcriptome to antiviral and ibuprofen in calves with respiratory syncytial virus infection
GENOMICSDavidSalcedo-TacumaEffect of parturition and lactation on adipose tissue transcriptomic profiles in dairy cows
GENOMICSDerekBickhartUS UK Collaborative Project: Reassembly of cattle immune gene clusters for quantitative analysis
GENOMICSMatthewScottDistinct gene expression patterns associated with BRD identified by statistical and machine learning approaches
GENOMICSMatthewScottMulti-tissue transcriptomic analysis of BRSV-infected cattle using machine learning and statistical approaches
GENOMICSCiarraLahuisIdentification of BoLA alleles associated with BLV provirus levels in US beef cattle
GENOMICSRetaAbdiAn ice-cold independent competent cell preparation for gene editing by CRISPR-Cas9
GENOMICSMelissaMonsonEarly splenic responses to avian pathogenic Escherichia coli infection identified in downstream RNA-seq analyses
GENOMICSDanielCiobanuInvestigation of the host genetics role in PCV2 infections
GENOMICS - BACTERIOLOGYElliePutzDistinct transcriptional profiles of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo strains JB197 and HB203
GENOMICS - BACTERIOLOGYKristinaCeresExploring mechanisms of accessory genome evolution the clonally evolving Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
GENOMICS - BACTERIOLOGYMaverickAradanasStudy of virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance in S. suis isolates using whole genome sequencing
GENOMICS - BACTERIOLOGYZhiyiZhengGenomic islands analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae associated with bovine mastitis
GENOMICS - BACTERIOLOGYEnriqueDosterAnalytic approach impacts pathogen population structure when analyzing whole-genome sequence data
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYJohnDunnThe role of host genetics on transmission of Marek's disease virus in poultry
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYFanos WoldemariyamVP1 sequence based genetic diversity of SAT2 foot-and-mouth disease virus circulating in ethiopia from 1990 to 2015
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYHyunjungChungEvolution of Mexican-lineage low pathogenic avian influenza (H5N2) viruses in Dominican Republic, 2007-2019
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYDianaCruz-PulidoHost genome profiles of human and pig intestinal epithelial cells during porcine delta coronavirus infection
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYWillian Pinto PaimVirome characterization of show pig serum raised in Oklahoma demonstrated great diversity of ssDNA viruses
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYWillian Pinto PaimVirome analyses in commercial batches of bovine serum from North America and New Zealand
GENOMICS - VIROLOGYGiselaSoboll HusseyTranscriptomic profiling of equine and viral genes during eqine herpesvirus-1 viremia
IMMUNOLOGYSujiKimCharacteristics of canine macrophages post Mycobacterium intracellulare infection in relation to Th17 responses
IMMUNOLOGYGrahamRedweikReserpine increases Salmonella resistance in chicken intestinal explants via norepinephrine release
IMMUNOLOGYGourapuraRenukaradhyaDevelopment and characterization of new swine immune reagents to understand immune correlate for vaccines/infection
IMMUNOLOGYS.Rodriguez-ZasEffect of gestational viral infection on offspring immune signaling pathways in the amygdala
IMMUNOLOGYS.Rodriguez-ZasCombined effects of stressors across ages on blood chemokine profiles in the pig
IMMUNOLOGYElliePutzCirculating foamy macrophages found in the blood of the golden Syrian hamster model of leptospirosis
IMMUNOLOGYDamarius FlemingToo Much Of A Good Thing: Antiviral Response and Tissue Damage During Respiratory Infections in the Porcine Lung
IMMUNOLOGYKimGiesslerUse of the old horse model to identify host factors contributing to EHM pathogenesis
IMMUNOLOGYMBleuzéThe G-CSF produced by sentinel immune cells induces neutrophil mobilization during Streptococcus suis infection
IMMUNOLOGYJuberHerrera-UribeSingle cell and deep transcriptomic analysis identify common and cell type specific genes in porcine immune cell
IMMUNOLOGYFedericoZuckermannBacillus-based microbials lower the pathogenic synergy of a Salmonella Choleraesuis and PRRS virus co-infection
IMMUNOLOGYJayneWiardaSingle-cell RNA sequencing reveals pig intestinal innate lymphoid cells and unique activation profiles of T cells
IMMUNOLOGYLaurenLe PageGenomic organization and expression of the swine WC1 multigenic array of hybrid coreceptor/PRR molecules
IMMUNOLOGYElisabethLarsonIgE-binding monocytes have an enhanced ability to produce IL-8 (CXCL8) in animals with naturally occurring allergy
IMMUNOLOGYBettinaWagnerDevelopment of equine immune reagents
IMMUNOLOGYShakiratAdetunjiPorcine macrophage-like cell line C∆2+ is susceptible to Japanese encephalitis virus infection
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLERenatoMay RossiChanges in biomarkers of metabolic stress during late gestation of dairy cows associated with colostrum volume
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLESegundoCasaroThe use of blood myeloid and lymphoid cell profiles to predict metritis in dairy cows
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEZhengguoXiaoSynergistic activation of bovine CD4+ T cells by IL-12 and neutrophils
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLELaurelGershwinViperin expression in Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus infected calves
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLESabineMannPharmacological mTOR inhibition alters phenotype and function of bovine monocyte-derived macrophage subsets
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEWilmerCuervoImpact of Oxidative Stress on Vaccine Responsiveness in Neonatal Dairy Calves
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLESuyeonHongThe role of immunogenic engineered exosomes in bovine respiratory syncytial virus
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLESuyeonHongPhenotypic and functional characterization of mucosal associated invariant T cells from bovine
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEJamisonSlateProphylactic ursolic acid treatment modulates inflammatory responses during Mannheimia haemolytica infection
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEBrinaLopezGenerating bovine monocyte-derived dendritic cells in serum-free medium for experimental and clinical applications
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLECarstenWalkerEndocannabinoid concentrations and receptor expression in cultured bovine endothelial cells challenged by endotoxin
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEMerrileeThoresenSynthetic mRNA transfection induces expression of antibodies against Tritrichomonas foetus surface antigen TF1.17
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLETurner H.Swartzβ-hydroxybutyrate impaired mammary gland defense during a Streptococcus uberis challenge in dairy cows
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEEricaBehling-KellyOptimization of curcumin solubility and encapsulate loading to improve gastrointestinal absorption in the cow.
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLEAfrozaAkterImmunological response to naturally occurring bovine respiratory disease in stocker cattle during early management
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLELaurenEichbergerLinking Bovine Leukemia Virus pro viral load with single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the bovine MHCII DRB3 locus
IMMUNOLOGY - CATTLETessAltvater-HughesComparing colostral natural antibody IgM titers in high, average, and low immune responder dairy and beef cows
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYNadiyahAlqazlanProbiotic lactobacilli limit avian influenza virus H9N2 replication in chicken cecal tonsil mononuclear cells
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYInesDieryckToward the discovery of novel serum immune biomarkers for intestinal health monitoring in poultry
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYMohammadaliAlizadehIn ovo and oral administration of probiotic lactobacilli modulate immune responses in newly hatched chickens
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYAyumiMatsuyama-KatoChicken gamma delta T cell is one of the IFN-γ and TGF-β+ sources against Marek's disease virus infection
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYBahram ShojadoostIn ovo inoculation of vitamin A modulates chicken embryo immune functions
IMMUNOLOGY - POULTRYJegarubeeBavananthasivamRegulatory microenvironment in feathers of chickens infected with very virulent Marek's disease virus
MASTITISFeng-QiZhaoSystemic and local responses of cytokines and tissue histology in intramammary endotoxemia in dairy cows
MASTITISLeticiaFernandesImpact of subclinical mastitis detected in the first month of lactation on performance of organic dairy cows
MASTITISSamRoweProspective cohort study of post-calving udder health in cows with intramammary infections in late lactation
MASTITISDanielleScarbroughMastitis vaccine antigen discovery using proteomics and transcriptomics of Staphylococcus aureus grown in milk
MASTITISBenjaminEngerInvestigations of the impact of intramammary infection on the developing bovine mammary gland
MASTITISJaimieStricklandRetinoic acid affects barrier integrity in bovine mammary endothelial cells
MASTITISWagdy ElAshmawyEffect of Intramammary Antibiotics, Internal Teat Sealants, or both at Dry-off in Dairy Cows: II. Milk production
MASTITISWagdyElAshmawyEffect of Intramammary Antibiotics, Internal Teat Sealants, or both at Dry-off in Dairy Cows: I. Health outcomes
MASTITISVengaiMavangiraSoluble Epoxide Hydrolase enzyme activity during severe bovine coliform mastitis
MICROBIOMELandonWarderCharacterization of the bulk tank milk microbiome from Prince Edward Island commercial dairy farms
MICROBIOMEAshenafiBeyiA single dose of enrofloxacin alters gut microbial diversities irrespective of its dose in beef calves
MICROBIOMECarlYeomanDevelopment of Climactic Oral and Rectal Microbiomes Corresponds to Peak Immunoglobin Titers in Lambs
MICROBIOMEMeganNiederwerderAssessing the microbiome as a tool for the mitigation of viral disease in nursery pigs
MICROBIOMENusratJahanMetagenomic surveillance of foodborne pathogens at the rodent-agricultural interface using Nanopore sequencing
MICROBIOMEPratikshaKhanalImpact of a modified live porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus vaccine on the gut microbiome of pigs
MICROBIOMEMengfeiPengEnvironmental influences of high-density agricultural animal operation on human forearm skin microflora
MICROBIOMERadhey ShyamKaushikRole of nasal microbiome in respiratory immunity in pigs
MICROBIOMEOlaElsakhawyMetagenomic Approach for Identification of Microbial Co-infections in Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
MICROBIOMENikolayFilipovUnderstanding the fescue toxicosis plant-animal integrome in grazing beef through integrative interactomics
MICROBIOMEKathyMouDifferential impact of OTC regimen on growth and gut microbiota of pigs co-infected with respiratory pathogens
MICROBIOMETuiRayThe microbiome of common bedding materials, before and after use on commercial dairy farms
MICROBIOMEEnriqueDosterLiver abscess syndrome in cattle: new insights from metagenomic investigations
MICROBIOMEAmandaZieglerDietary oligosaccharides modulate microbiome, enteric glia, and epithelial barrier function in a neonatal pig model
MICROBIOMETimothyBruceGrowth performance and gut microbiota in cultured burbot (Lota lota maculosa) fed dietary plant-based proteins
MICROBIOMEPaulMorleyComparision of DNA stabilization methods for preservation of metagenomic samples collected from cattle
PARASITOLOGYPaolaBoggiattoCase Report: Fading elk syndrome in a herd of captive elk (Cervus elaphus) in the North American Midwest
PARASITOLOGYWilliamWitolaPhosphoethanolamine methyltransferases inhibitors with broad-spectrum anthelmintic effect for livestock nematodes
PARASITOLOGYJosephBuschA high level of cryptic cattle fever tick movement occurs in southern Texas via both wildlife and infested cattle
PARASITOLOGYLindsayFryA U.S. isolate of Theileria orientalis Ikeda is transmitted to cattle by invasive Asian longhorned ticks
PARASITOLOGYBretElderdHost-pathogen coevolution in a changing environment: the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) and its baculovirus
PARASITOLOGYRaffiAroianA paraprobiotic cure for gastrointestinal nematode parasites of livestock
PARASITOLOGYCyrilAkwoSurveillance of ticks and tick-borne diseases in Canada: A framework for a One Heath approach
PARASITOLOGYPatriciaPietrantonioTowards novel acaricide development against cattle fever tick: GPCR target validation by RNAi and chemical leads
PARASITOLOGYEuniceNdegwaImproved blood parameters and reduced parasite eggs detected in pastured goats fed pelleted stinging nettle
PARASITOLOGYEmilyRobinsonAssessing the spread of the blacklegged tick, Ixodes scapularis, and the agent of Lyme disease in Ontario, Canada
PARASITOLOGYMassaroUetiA Pioneering Approach to Tick Control: Anti-tick Toxins Delivered via Transfected Babesia bovis
PARASITOLOGYKathrynReifComparison of multiple chlortetracycline regimens to control diverse Anaplasma marginale strain infection
PARASITOLOGYKyleHoffmanProtein antigens associated with seroreactivity of cattle producing reduced tick performance
PARASITOLOGYSamuelShahzadAdaptation of a tick performance model system to cattle infested with Dermacentor variabilis
PHYSIOLOGYJulioGiordanoImproving dairy cow health monitoring and management using automated sensors
PHYSIOLOGYZelmarRodriguezDoes early lactation milk yield modify the impact of hyperketonemia in dairy cows?
PHYSIOLOGYKyanThelenEarly life stress in pigs induces a developmental shift in gut epithelial glucose transporter systems
PHYSIOLOGYPedramRezamandEarly life stressors affect health of dairy calves
PHYSIOLOGYLauraHernandezPeriparturient immune depression and disease is due to dysregulation of calcium homeostasis and metabolic syndrome
PHYSIOLOGYHannahGolightlyPhysiological changes in nursery piglets following transport of different durations in the Canadian summertime
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME PratikKatwalRole of the zinc metalloprotease-ZMPSTE24 in Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus replication
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME YunjeongKimInhibition of PRRSV and swine influenza virus by knockdown of host factors
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME ManuelJaraDrivers of PRRS virus dispersal among pig production systems in the United States
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME AngelicaVan GoorReproductive PRRS: Gene expression differences elucidate mechanisms of fetal viral level and demise
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME AlbaFrias-De-DiegoPRRSV infection and oxidative stress modulation by selenium
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME Chia-MingSuInhibition of type 1 IFN signaling by PRRSV nsp5 through blocking STAT2 nuclear translocation
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME Chia-MingSuImmunological responses are dampened during co-infection of NF-κB activation negative PRRSV and Streptoccus suis
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME LauraMillerValidation of a PRRSV live-virus potentiated by replication-competent expression of porcine interferons
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME KimberlyVanderWaalQuantifying sequential dominance of PRRSV strains through classification of sub-lineages
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME Jayeshbhai ChaudhariHost transcriptome reveals putative genes involved in persistent infection with a live-attenuated PRRSV strain
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME Young-MinLeeHost factors involved in porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus entry
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME HungLuongSimultaneous measurement of antibody reactivities against PRRSV structural proteins
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME YoungTangSmall Molecules Block the Interaction of PRRSV with CD163 Receptor and the Infection of Pig Cells
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME LevonAbrahamyanDynamic protemics of PEDV and PRRSV infections
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME JessicaProctorModified live virus vaccine induces heterologous immunogenicity and partially protects against type-2 PRRSV strains
PORCINE RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYNDROME Raymond (Bob)RowlandPreventing PRRS through modifications in the virus receptor CD163
POULTRYAnaPerez Pathogenicity and transmission of Canadian wild type and vaccine revertant Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus
POULTRYJinjiPangProtection against Campylobacter by fecal microbiota transplantation in newly hatched broiler chickens
POULTRYSugandhaRajEstablishing experimental transmission models for H9N2 avian influenza virus (AIV) in chickens
POULTRYMohit BansalInhibition of mTOR Signaling attenuates chicken necrotic enteritis induced intestinal inflammation
POULTRYMohit BansalAssessment of primary and secondary bile acids against chicken necrotic enteritis
POULTRYRobertValeris-ChacinCampylobacter dynamics in broilers raised to five and eight weeks of age
POULTRYTumeloShokwePredictors of death on arrival (DOA) among chickens slaughtered at a poultry abattoir, South Africa
PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSISNadineVogtEpidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni in raccoons on swine farms and conservation areas in southern Ontario, Canada
PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSISGustavoLopezDetection of influenza A virus in pig farm workers
PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSISCamilaHamondAssessing rodents as carriers of pathogenic leptospires in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSISJuliaDesiatoEvolution and spread of rabies virus in Connecticut and its neighboring states
PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSISChristineNeustaedterWhat was in that food?! A scoping review of risk factors for infection with antimicrobial-resistant Campylobacter
SALMONELLAMarielaSrednikAntimicrobial resistance and genomic characterization of Salmonella Dublin isolates in cattle from United States
SALMONELLANora JeanNealonOccupational exposure of dairy farm workers and working environment to multidrug resistant Salmonella enterica
SALMONELLAEliseOvergaardCellular activity of ArtAB toxin from bovine Salmonella Typhimurium
SALMONELLAGabrielleMillerInsights into antimicrobial resistance and virulence in Salmonella spp. from snake samples through genomic approach
SALMONELLARachelSoltysHigh-resolution comparative genomics identifies Salmonella Kentucky ST198 and ST152 lineage-specific mutations
SALMONELLAMaríaBernad-RocheSalmonella infection in nursery pigs: a matter of concern?
SALMONELLANiamhCaffreySalmonella spp. prevalence and antimicrobial resistance in broiler chicken and turkey flocks in Canada (2013-2018)
SALMONELLAStephanyBarreraMain risk factors for perpetuating Salmonella spp. serovars in dairies in Mexico
VACCINOLOGYMassimilianoBaratelliAntibody response against Canine Parvovirus of client-owned dog puppies after vaccination with bivalent vaccines
VACCINOLOGYJen-JieLeeCharacterization of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis membrane vesicles and E. coli outer membrane vesicles
VACCINOLOGYAdelTalaatKinetics of ruminant immunity elicited by live attenuated vaccine against Johne's disease.
VACCINOLOGYCristina SolisStabilizer selection for a live recombinant Herpesvirus vaccine candidate
VACCINOLOGYJinjing LiuOuter membrane vesicles of Fusobacterium nucleatum: antigenicity, composition, and virulence
VACCINOLOGYDanielAcostaThe Peste des Petites Ruminants vaccine value chain in Karamoja: who has access to the vaccine and who does not?
VACCINOLOGYJeffreyHallAn inactivated, universal Salmonella epitope vaccine protects piglets from Salmonella choleraesuis disease
VACCINOLOGYMagenFrancisH1N1 influenza virus preimmunity improves antibody response to vaccination through regulation of germinal center
VACCINOLOGYKarenCokerPeste des petits ruminants and newcastle disease Vaccine Value Chains in Senegal: access and womens engagement
VACCINOLOGY - AQUACULTURETaylorHeckmanWe've got a live one! Generation of a live-attenuated vaccine to piscine streptococcosis
VACCINOLOGY - AQUACULTUREJoseVasquezInfection kinetics and immune response to vaccination in cultured sablefish (A. fimbria) against A. salmonicida
VACCINOLOGY - AQUACULTUREBradleyRichardsonProtective effects of vaccine and killed culture against atypical Aeromonas hydrophila (aAh) in Ictalurus punctatus
VACCINOLOGY - AQUACULTUREBanikalyanSwainDevelopment of a Generalized Recombinant Attenuated Edwardsiella piscicidan Vaccine Vector System (RAEVs)
VACCINOLOGY - CATTLEReginaldoBastosTargeting subdominant rhoptry-associated proteins of Babesia bovis in a subunit vaccine to protect cattle against bovine babesiosis
VACCINOLOGY - CATTLEAdelaidePereiraEfficacy in the reduction of IBR prevalence when Hiprabovis® IBR marker live vaccine was used after an outbreak.
VACCINOLOGY - CATTLERaulBarlettaDevelopment and testing of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis DIVA vaccines in ruminants
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VACCINOLOGY - CATTLEHectorSanto TomasEfficacy of blocking IBR viral circulation using a double-deleted gE-/tk- vaccine on a dairy farm
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VACCINOLOGY - POULTRYJose LuisLosada TorresEvaluation of Immunity With the Application of Newcastle Inactivated Vaccine in Different Doses to Day-old chicks
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VIROLOGYChristinaLeyson Matrix and nucleoprotein segments of a 2016 H5N8 HPAI virus are major drivers of high mortality in mallards
VIROLOGYKush KumarYadavEctopic expression of genotype-1 Hepatitis E virus ORF4 increases genotype-3 HEV viral replication in cell culture
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VIROLOGY - SWINEChongLiDynamics of influenza A virus shedding in the upper and lower respiratory tract of pigs using a co-infection model
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VIROLOGY - SWINEXNiuMutation in the exoribonuclease of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus causes high genetic instability
VIROLOGY - SWINEJongsukMoTransmission of an influenza A virus with human seasonal H3 in pigs resulted in adaptive mutations in the HA gene
VIROLOGY - SWINEYushengGuoEvaluation of bacteria-rotavirus-glycan interactions using a novel porcine intestinal enteroid model

Statement on COVID-19 and plans for CRWAD 2020

CRWAD is going virtual in 2020 and offer the lowest registration fees in decades!

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty and difficulties for people throughout the world.  Concerns about health and safety, travel restrictions, limits in the ability of people to gather, as well as financial difficulties are being faced by people throughout the world.  Because of these very real concerns, the COVID-19 situation dictates that we will not be able to gather to in-person for the CRWAD 2020 meeting as previously planned.  Despite the dramatic changes to the way we conduct our daily lives, it has been inspiring to watch people adapt to changing circumstances.  These adaptations have even created unprecedented opportunities.

In this spirit of innovation, we are excited to offer the largest and most unique CRWAD meeting that has ever been held!  We are pleased to announce that all CRWAD 2020 activities will be held virtually to protect our attendees and to improve the ability of scientists to participate in this unique scientific conference.  Additionally, in an effort to overcome financial hardships that may be faced by the scientific community, the CRWAD Executive Council has elected to dramatically cut registration fees for 2020.  All Senior Scientists that register to attend CRWAD 2020 will also receive 1-year of complementary membership in CRWAD as a special benefit during this extraordinary time.

All CRWAD 2020 activities will be conducted online, and your registration will provide access to the entire CRWAD 2020 program via the internet.  A limited number of featured presentations and interactive Q&A sessions will be available by live-stream on Dec 5-8.  Additionally, recordings of all presentations will be available for 6 months by secure login to all registered participants.  For the first time ever, this on-demand presentation system means that you won’t have to miss a single presentation because of scheduling conflicts.

We will miss seeing you all in Chicago, but we are excited that you will be able to enjoy the biggest CRWAD meeting we have ever held!

More information about submitting abstracts and participating in CRWAD 2020 is available on the CRWAD website:

NOTE: The deadline for entering graduate student competitions has been extended to September 15th.

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