Fellows Eligibility and Nominations

Fellows of the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases

The Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD) annually selects and awards fellowships to distinguished individuals for their outstanding and impactful contributions to animal health research and noteworthy service and/or contributions to CRWAD.

These CRWAD Fellows comprise a distinguished cadre of scientists from academia, industry, and government who have been recognized for their achievements. The Fellows demonstrate excellence in communicating and interpreting science to the public. The Fellows have made significant contributions to the literature reflecting fundamental discoveries and/or innovative applied research in animal health. Reflecting the spirit of CRWAD, contributions to science include mentoring of young research scientists.  Contributions to CRWAD by Fellows are noteworthy in breadth, depth, and/or duration.

The CRWAD Fellows Selection Committee will receive and review nominations, and select a slate of candidates to be approved by the CRWAD Council, which will elect the Fellows each year. Newly elected Fellows are recognized for their extraordinary achievements at the CRWAD Annual Meeting where they are presented with a plaque and award letter commemorating their selection.

Election as a CRWAD Fellow is a lifetime honor and all Fellows are expected to meet the commonly held standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity and contribute to the mission of CRWAD.

Nominations for Fellows are being accepted annually until July 15.

Eligibility: Nominees must have been a member of the CRWAD for a significant period of time, although the years of membership and contribution do not have to be continuous. The relative impact and quality of a nominee’s scientific contributions will be considered more important than a minimum duration of contribution. Service to CRWAD and participation in annual CRWAD meetings will be recognized by activities such as authorship on abstracts presented at CRWAD, recognition as a Featured Speaker, participation in service activities for CRWAD , and/or contributions to CRWAD partner organizations.

Nomination:  Any CRWAD Member may nominate one or more candidates to be recognized as a CRWAD Fellow.  Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee which will make recommendations to be approved by the CRWAD Council.

Nominations for CRWAD Fellows must be submitted by July 15. Nomination materials should be sent by email to [email protected].  

Please submit the following materials with your nominations:

  • A nomination form 
  • A cover letter and nomination statement not to exceed 1,000 words that highlights the contributions of the candidate. The statement should focus on the relevance and impact of the candidate’s contributions to the advancement of their area of science, and must also demonstrate the candidate’s participation and impact on CRWAD.
  • CV/Biography of the nominee (with no page limitation, but most recent 15 years of accomplishments should be obvious).
  • A separate bibliography for all abstracts or other presentations contributed at CRWAD annual meetings, noting presentations made by the candidate’s mentees.
  • Additional supportive statements (not to exceed 1,000 words each) from colleagues or mentees; at least one supporting statement is required, and submission of more is acceptable.
  • Current members of the CRWAD Council or the selection committee are not eligible for selection as Fellows.

If you have questions about nominating candidates to become CRWAD Fellows, please contact:  Dr. Paul Morley, CRWAD Executive Director ([email protected])


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