Remote Participation

NEW FOR 2020: Remote Participation in CRWAD 2020

We are pleased to announce exciting new opportunities for remote presentations and remote attendance for CRWAD 2020! 

This option for remote access will provide wider opportunities for participation in CRWAD 2020 than we have ever had in the past, both for attendees and also for presenters.  Presenters and attendees can participate from around the world without leaving their homes.  We are still planning to offer the same exciting meeting for onsite participants, which for 100 years has been one of the most important animal research meetings in the world.  Visit our web page frequently at  to get the latest updates on the schedule, for conference events, including talks made by preeminent featured speakers and state-of-the-art research presentations.  And of course, don’t forget that CRWAD is held in the heart of Chicago’s downtown Miracle Mile, with all of its opportunities for shopping, dining, entertainment, and art. 

REMOTE PRESENTATIONS: This year, abstracts can be submitted for remote presentation, thanks to our partners from  We have used this content management system for the past 3 years and it has performed flawlessly.  We are working together to develop a customized system for on-demand delivery of video presentations that will be tailored to the needs of CRWAD participants.

  • Authors wishing to submit abstracts for consideration as a remote presentation will use our normal management system (available at 
  • If accepted, presenters will record a 12 min MP4 video of their presentation using freely available software (e.g., Zoom recording of voice over PowerPoint), which will be uploaded to the Preseria system, along with slide presentations (PPT or PDF format). 
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials will walk presenters through each step in the process for recording and uploading their presentations. 
  • At the time of the conference, specially formatted web pages will allow registered participants to view these video presentations and PDF of slides, and even ask the authors questions and discuss the research using a public comment stream.
  • Our on-demand presentation plan will maximize the opportunities for your research to have widest possible viewing and impact in the scientific community. 
  • Recordings and other files will be removed from participant access prior to the next CRWAD meeting.
  • The deadline for submission of abstracts for remote presentation is November 15, 2020.  Abstracts can be submitted any time before that date, and acceptance notifications will be provided throughout the time leading up to CRWAD 2020.
  • As with other onsite presentations, presenters of remote presentations must be registered participants of CRWAD 2020.
  • Authors can select the remote presentation option at the time of submission, and can also switch from onsite (oral or poster) to remote presentation until Oct 10, 2020. 
  • Abstracts presented remotely cannot be entered in student award competitions.

REMOTE ACCESS TO ONSITE PRESENTATIONS: We are also encouraging onsite presenters (both oral and poster) to upload video recordings as described above that can be viewed remotely by registrants paying for access to this material.  This additional opportunity for on-demand presentation of research presentations will maximize the opportunities for your research to have widest possible viewing and impact in the scientific community. 

REMOTE ATTENDANCE:  Along with opportunities for presenting remotely, CRWAD is introducing the ability for registered participants to access recorded presentations and other digital content.  All of the digital content from CRWAD 2020 will be available to registered remote participants, as well as CRWAD members and onsite attendees that purchase access.  This includes:

  • Pre-recorded video and slide content for all remote presentations.
  • Recordings of CRWAD Featured Speakers that are made onsite.
  • Pre-recorded video and slide/poster content by authors who are also making oral or poster presentations onsite at CRWAD 2020.

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