Tetracore Inc


Providing Advanced Molecular and Immunological Detection

Tetracore is a biotechnology research and development organization that creates innovative kits, assays, reagents, and instruments for the detection of infectious diseases, biological warfare (BW) threat agents, and biological markers. Our solutions have been used by various laboratorians, veterinarians, first responders, and clinicians. In addition, we have strong relationships with various government agencies and related industry partners.

Tetracore offers a broad range of highly-specific, rapid, antibody-based test kits and antibody reagents to detect BW infectious agents and toxins, including the first FDA-cleared test kit for the identification of B. anthracis from colonies.

Tetracore also offers a product line of real-time probe hydrolysis Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) reagents and kits for animal pathogens.

In early 2020, Tetracore developed and commercialized a real-time PCR test and serology multiplex test for SARS-CoV-2.



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