Conference Topics

The Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD) has a 100-year history as a premier venue for researchers and disease prevention specialists to present and hear about cutting-edge research on animal health and disease, population health, and translational medicine.

CRWAD is one of the oldest and largest international research conferences on these topics.  Special sessions highlight lectures and discussions from world-renowned experts, in addition to general sessions providing a showcase for over 500 research presentations made by scientific experts and scientists-in-training from around the world.

This conference is a great opportunity for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to share their research and ideas alongside senior scientists and experts in their fields. CRWAD has a great tradition of promoting future scientific stars, and over $10,000 in research awards will be awarded to qualifying graduate students making presentations at CRWAD.

Animal Behavior

Animal Welfare

Antibiotic Alternatives

Antimicrobial Drug Use and Surveillance

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance


Bacteriology and Bacterial Disease Pathogenesis

Beef Production

Biosecurity and Infection Control

Bovine Respiratory Disease

Communication and Disease Control

Companion Animal Disease & Epidemiology

Dairy Production

Data Analysis and Statistics

Diagnostic Testing

Disease Modeling

Disease Pathogenesis

Disinfection and Biosecurity

Ecology and Animal Health

Ecology and Management of Foodborne Agents

Ecology of Infectious Agents

Economics and Animal Health

Enteric Diseases

Environmental Sustainability


Ethics in Research

Foodborne Diseases

Host Genomics


Infectious Disease

Lameness and Musculoskeletal Disease



Microbial Ecology



Mobile Genetic Elements and AMR

Mucosal Immunology



Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Population Health

Poultry Production

Probiotics and Direct Fed Microbials

Production Economics

Public Policy and Disease Regulation

Research Methods and Best Practices

Respiratory Diseases

Sequencing of Infectious Agents

Sheep and Goat Production

Study Design and Research Methods

Sustainable Agriculture

Swine Production

Translational Medicine

Vaccines and Vaccinology

Vectorborne Diseases

Virology and Viral Disease Pathogenesis

Water Safety and Ecology

Zoonotic Disease

Please visit the Proceedings Archive to view content from previous conferences.

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