2017 CRWAD Conference

If you have never attended CRWAD, you may be wondering what this conference is about, or even what to call it (how many of you have asked, “Is it pronounced Crrr-Wod, or Crrr-Aaaad, or Craw-Dad, or what?”).  For 98 years, this wonderful meeting has provided scientific experts and scientists-in-training a venue to present their work and learn about cutting edge research affecting the health of animals and the human-animal interface.  Anyone that has attended can tell you that it is definitely a place where the scientific “cool kids” come to hear the latest in animal-related research!  CRWAD 2017 will not be an exception; this year’s meeting will include over 400 presentations in a brief 3-day window. To capture the breadth and depth of this meeting in a word or phrase seems impossible!  However, thanks to the creativity of folks at Wordle.net, we are letting a picture do the talking for us.

We loaded all of the presentation titles for CRWAD 2017 into the Wordle app to create this Word Cloud image, emphasizing the frequency of words found in that list.  Study this Word Cloud, and I guarantee that you will find something being presented at CRWAD 2017 that excites you!!  We look forward to seeing you in Chicago in December!!