2017 Student Awards

CRWAD Graduate Student Travel Awards

*** NEW CRWAD is awarding $500 to support travel for four graduate students presenting abstracts at the 2017 CRWAD meeting.
Criteria:  Applicants must be graduate students enrolled in MS or PhD program relevant to research presented at CRWAD; award recipients must be enrolled in their graduate program at the time they attend the meeting for which they receive the award.  Applications must include the following:
  1.  Letter from applicant’s major professor confirming that applicant is enrolled in a relevant MS or PhD program.
  2.  Copy of letter or email message confirming the applicant’s abstract has been accepted for presentation at CRWAD.
  3.  Copy of the abstract that has been accepted for presentation at CRWAD.
  4.  A statement (no more than 1 page, double spaced) explaining how and/or why the work described in their abstract should benefit animal health.
Preference will be given to students presenting oral presentations, and to students who are close to completing their PhD.
Send applications to CRWADorganizers@gmail.com, Marked: “Attention Dr. Benfield”
Applications must be received by October 1st for travel to CRWAD in the same year.  Awards will be announced by November 1st. .

CRWAD 2017 Graduate Student Awards

Numerous awards are presented every year for outstanding presentations made by graduate students. Graduate students can enter these competitions at the time that abstracts are submitted Last year, 18 graduate students received cash awards totaling $6,000!
In 2017, the following organizations will sponsor awards:
  • The American Association of Veterinary Immunologists (AAVI)
  • The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP)
  • The American Association of Veterinary Microbiologists (ACVM)
  • The Association for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (AVEPM)
  •  NC-1202 Enteric Diseases and Bacterial Pathogenesis Awards
  •  The Animal Health Institute and Joseph J. Garbarino Foundation Biosafety  & Biosecurity Award