The Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD) was established in 1920. CRWAD is a non–profit organization and has been so since its origin. The sole purpose of CRWAD is to discuss and disseminate the most current research advances in animal diseases. There is an annual meeting each December where research scientists from around the world present their recent research in oral or poster presentation formats. The meeting averages 500 in attendance, and 325 presentations.

Graduate students, and industry and academic professionals present and discuss the most recent advances on subjects of interest to the CRWAD and of importance to the global livestock and companion animal industries. The oral and poster abstracts of new and unpublished data presented at the meeting sessions are published each year in the CRWAD Proceedings and are available on-line. The CRWAD meeting has 10 sections for research reports: Bacterial Pathogenesis, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Companion Animal Epidemiology, Ecology and Management of Foodborne Agents, Epidemiology and Animal Health Economics, Immunology, Pathobiology of Enteric and Foodborne Pathogens, Respiratory Diseases, Vector–Borne and Parasitic Diseases, and Viral Pathogenesis.