Oral Presentation Information


  • Speakers should contact moderators in advance of their session so they will know you are present in the room.
  • Audio Visual Aids:
    • Lectern microphone, laser pointer, computer, and a digital projector will be provided in each room.
    • Presenters must provide PowerPoint or Adobe PDF files to the sessions organizers PRIOR to the day of your presentation; specific logistical details will be provided soon regarding how to share your files.
  •  Timing:
    • Standard oral presentations are 15 minutes long (in total). This includes 10–12 minutes to present their research, and 3–5 minutes for interactive discussion.
    • Keynote presentations are 45 minute long (in total), including 35–40 minutes for formal presentation, and 5–10 minutes for interactive discussion.
    • Other special presentations should adhere to the time allotted in the program, allowing 5-10 minutes for interactive discussion.
    • Presentation schedules will be strictly maintained. If a presentation is not completed in the allotted time, the moderator will stop the presentation.
  • NOTE: All presenters must be registered for the meeting on the day of their presentation and are required to wear name badges during their presentations.