NC229 — New Science: Insights for Control of Swine Viral Diseases

NC229 — New Science: Insights for Control of Swine Viral Diseases

Sunday, December 3, 1:00 – 5:00 PM.
Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Denver-Houston Room, 5th floor

1:001:05 pm –  David Benfield, OSU, administrative advisor NC229 “Welcome”

1:05-1:25 pm:  “Differential rates of PRRSV replication in antigen presenting cells: potential implication on adaptive immunity”
Joe Darbellay and Volker Gerdts Univ Saskatchewan, Canada

1:251:45 pm:  “Following a strategy to broaden the protective capacity for PRRSV MLV vaccines”
Hiep Vu, Univ Nebraska

1:452:05 pm: “Unfolded protein response to PRRSV : enhancement and suppression , contrasting effects on cytokine production”
Federico Zuckerman Univ Illinois UC

2:05-2:25 pm:  “Metabolism, homeostasis and PRRSV acquired immune  response”
Crystal Loving NADC USDA/ARS

2:252:45 pm:  “Advances on intranasal mucosal immunization of swine.”
Aradhya Gourapura Ohio State Univ

2:453:00 Break

3:00-3:20 pm: “Update on Senecavirus pathogenesis”

3:203:40 pm: “Weaned pigs source of genetic diversity of swine influenza virus, implications for SIV vaccination”
Andres Perez, Univ of Minnesota

3:404:00 pm: “SIV: The pig a mixing vessel, in vitro and in vivo”
Wenju Ma, Kansas State Univ

4:004:20 pm:  “Uterine mucosal immunization in pigs: Porcine parvovirus model”
Heather Wilson VIDO-Intervac Saskatoon, Canada

4:204:40 pm:  “Update from NIFA”
Peter Johnson/Margo Holland USDA NIFA

4:405:00 pm: NC-229 business meeting, renewal of authorities for executive technical committee

5:00 pm: Adjourn