Moderator Duties:

  • Prior to CRWAD 2018, become familiar with the Preseria Conference software by viewing the video tutorials (see below for details):

  • Show up at your assigned room at least 15 min before the start of your session to ensure the following:

    1. Computer is working and the Preseria Conference Player is running

    2. That presentations are all up to date (no last-minute updates need to be downloaded)

    3. Speakers are present in room before the session (this expectation will be communicated to presenters)

    4. Pointer and microphones are working

  • Introduce speakers and help them start their presentations

  • Keep session moving according to schedule, giving 5 min and 2 min warning to speakers.  Stop the presenter if they go over, and start the next presentation on time, according to the schedule. 

  • Do not start presentations early, even if the previous presentation is short or a presenter doesn’t show up – this will allow attendees to reliably move between rooms to see presentations at the time they are schedule.

  • Problem Solving – if you are unable to resolve issues on your own:

    1. Call section chairs with problems related to scheduling, but they also may be able to help with computer problems.

    2. Call the CRWAD computer support person if you need help with a computer problem.

    3. If you have a problem that is not solved by the previous two routes, call Paul Morley (+1-970-219-6089) or others on your Moderator Instructions handout [Click Here to Download]

    4. Contact info for these people will be provided prior to CRWAD

We have implemented use of Preseria Conference software ( for managing all of the files for oral presentations.

  • It is essential that all Moderators aare proficient using Preseria Conference software to play presentations during your assigned sessions.  As such, we are requiring that all moderators and section chairs please view the following video tutorials:

    • (2 min introduction to Preseria Conference system)

    • (28 min tutorial customized for CRWAD)

      • Intro:  0 – 1:12 min

      • Information you would primarily use in a troubshooting situation:  1:12 – 8:20 min

      • Information most relevant to moderating, moving from one presentation to another: 8:20 –  28:11 min

      • Note: The Echo360 system allows you to speed up the playback:

        • Click on the settings “gear wheel” icon.

        • Click in the “speed” box

        • Click on the different speed options to speed-up or slow-down the playback.

    • An optional Q/A sessions will also be offered, to address any questions or concerns you might have prior to the start of the conference.

      1. Immediately prior to CRWAD 2018, Monday, Dec 2, 12:30 pm in Chicago Ballroom E.

      2. You can also check with CRWAD staff that are stationed in the Speaker Ready Room.

      3. You can also send an email with specific questions/concerns to