Instructions for Moderators

Rule #1: Please keep on time, do not let talks start early or run over!  This is critically important to ensure that participants can reliably move between sessions in different rooms.

Rule #2: If you have any question about when to start and stop the oral presentations, please refer to Rule #1.


  • Review Preseria instructions and operation before your session.  You can stop by the Speaker Ready Room to view the system any time before your session. 
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your session starts to make sure that the room is set up as it should be (i.e., computer, projector, microphone, laser pointer are all working, etc). 
  • All sessions have 2 moderators scheduled which should allow better ability to cover assigned duties, and trouble shoot any problems that might arise. 
  • As soon as you arrive, ask the presenters to introduce themselves to you so that you know that they are available to make their talks.  The speakers have also been notified to check-in with the moderators prior to their sessions.
  • Moderating Oral Presentations:
    • Please announce Business Meeting: Mon 3:30-4:15, Chicago Ballroom D
    • Introducespeakers and help them start their presentations as scheduled.
    • If there is a last-minute cancellation or a speaker fails to show up for their talk, PLEASE REFER TO RULE #1.  It is very important that we start and stop all oral presentations at the times they are scheduled.
    • Give 5 min and 2 min warning to speakers (at 10 min and 13 min respectively).  Stop the presenter if they are going over 15 min, and start the next presentation on time, according to the schedule. 
    • Do not start presentations early, even if the previous presentation is short or a presenter doesn’t show up – this will allow attendees to reliably move between rooms to see presentations at the time they are schedule.
    • Trouble shooting – try these tips if you are having trouble with presentations:
      • You can always call for A/V Support (numbers below).
      • Try exiting and restarting PowerPoint and/or Acrobat Reader.
      • Try exiting and restarting Preseria Desktop.
      • Try restarting the computer.
    • Links to open Preseria, PowerPoint, and Acrobat Reader are found on bottom of the computer screen.
      • Preseria Login username: |  Preseria password: moderator
      • Use Presenter Mode in Preseria (not technician mode), and make sure PC is in Extended Desktop mode.

For Questions or Support: contact information for A/V and computer support is provided on the moderator’s instruction sheet which was provided at registration.

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