Abstract Checklist and Submission

Stay Tuned for Abstract Submission Instructions for CRWAD 2018!

Before submitting your abstract to the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program, please compare your abstract format with the checklist listed below. Be sure that all the pertinent points from the checklist have been followed to properly format your abstract before you submit the abstract to the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program.  Please do not fax or send a hard copy of your abstract.

NOTE: The same presenting author may submit more than one abstract through the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program

Student Information

Students who wish to enter the student competition will select the “Graduate Student Competition Entry” category while submitting their abstract to the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program.  Please note:

  • Student presenters must be registered for the CRWAD meeting. Failure to register will eliminate your abstract from competition.
  • Student presenters must be present with their competition entry posters during the poster sessions for judges’ interviews.
  • All presenters will be required to wear their name badges during their presentations.
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS may enter ONLY ONE ABSTRACT (one oral OR one poster) for competition in one of the following categories.
    1. American Association of Veterinary Immunologists – AAVI 
    2. American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists – AAVP
    3. American College of Veterinary Microbiologists – ACVM
    4. Association of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine – AVEPM
    5. Biosafety and Biosecurity – BB
    6. Enteric Disease Research – EDR



* Follow the instructions below to complete your abstract before you submit your abstract to the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program:
  1. Abstract is formatted with single spacing document.
  2. Abstract body length should not exceed 1890 characters.The title and the authors / affiliations are entered in a separate step and should not be entered with the abstract body.  Spaces are not included in the abstract body character count.  Do not put a border around the text area. Do not type abstract in a “text box”.
  3. The title can be 150 characters maximum. Spaces are not included in the title character count.
  4. The title is not underlined, bold, italicized, nor entirely in upper case. Use upper case for proper nouns. Italicize only scientific words. Below is an example of a properly formatted title.
  5. The authors and the author affiliations are entered in an “author block.” There is no maximum number of authors.
  6. The person who is submitting the abstract through the OASIS Online Abstract Submission Program will be designated as the presenting author through the OASIS program.
  7. Your abstract should be informative, containing:
    • A short statement of the study’s specific objective;
    • A brief statement of methods;
    • A summary of the results;
    • A statement of the conclusions.
  8. Do not fax or send a hard copy of your abstract.
  9. Abstracts submitted by the deadline of August 1 will be allowed a three day editing window by the submitting author. The editing window will close at midnight,   .

Accepted Abstracts

  1. Authors will be notified of the section, day, and time of their presentations by reading the Annual Meeting Program which will be published on our web site by the end of October.  Printed programs will be available at the meeting. Proceedings including the abstracts will be available for purchase.
  2. Oral presentations are 15 minutes in length, including discussion/questions.
  3. All oral presentations will be PowerPoint presentations. Presenters will be responsible for uploading their PowerPoint files to the presentation management system AT LEAST 24 HRS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THEIR PRESENTATION.   Quality presentations and schedule must be maintained.  If a presentation fails or is not completed in the allotted amount of time the presentation will not be allowed to continue.
  4. Poster boards will be provided for the Poster Sessions. The boards will be approximately 4’H by 8’W and the maximum size for a poster will be 4′ x 4′.  CRWAD does not specify a poster presentation format. Tacks are not provided. There will be two poster sessions. Please follow the above abstract checklist for your poster abstract format.
  5. The Graduate Student Competition Awards will be presented during the Tuesday Award Ceremony. All students entered in the competition are invited to attend this meeting.

Example of a Properly Formatted Title:
Multiple toxin types of Clostridium perfringens detected
by multiplex PCR from the same clinical specimen. R. P. Ellis1*,
J. G. Songer2. 1Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology
and Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences,
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.2 Dept. of
Veterinary Science & Microbiology,
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.