Featured Speakers

CRWAD 2018 Featured Speakers:

“Animal health as a Driver to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Guy Palmer (CRWAD Council Keynote Speaker), Regents Professor, Jan and Jack Creighton Endowed Chair and Senior Director, Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, Washington State University.  [click here for bio]

“Comparative Immunobiology: from Asthma to Vaccines.”

Laurel Gershwin (2018 AAVI Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist), Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis. [click here for bio]


“A One Health Approach in Combatting Emerging Infections.”

Ab Osterhaus (2018 ACVM Distinguished Veterinary Microbiologist), Professor and Founding Director, Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany. [click here for bio]


“Counteracting Animal Diseases at the Global Level.”

Alfonso Torres (2018 AVEPM Calvin Schwabe Award), Professor Emeritus – Cornell University, and former Deputy Administrator for Veterinary Services at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  [click here for bio]


“Mucosal Immune Development in Pig Intestines Related to Gut Microbiota.”

Michael Bailey, Professor of Comparative Immunology, School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol. [click here for bio]


“Uterine and Fetal Responses to Zika Virus Infection in the Porcine Model.”

Uladzimir Karniychuk, VIDO-InterVac and the University of Saskatchewan. [click here for bio]

“Gut Health in Food Animals, Especially in Chickens.”

Michael Kogut, Food and Feed Safety Research, United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service. [click here for bio]


“Big Data and Smart-Connected Epidemiology in Practice.”

Beatriz Martínez-López, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, Veterinary School, University of California, Davis. [click here for bio]

“Impact of Animal Health at the Community / Household Level in Developing Nations.”

Terry McElwain, Regents Professor Emeritus, Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, Washington State University. [click here for bio]


“Beyond Fences: Policy Options for Wildlife, Livelihoods and Transboundary Animal Disease Management in Southern Africa.”

Steve Osofsky, Jay Hyman Professor of Wildlife Health and Health Policy and AHEAD Program Coordinator, Cornell University. [click here for bio]


“Influenza Surveillance and the Identification of Novel Genetic Mutations that Facilitate Virus Circulation.”

Andrew Pekosz, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. [click here for bio]


“Bovine Brucellosis and Tuberculosis: International Challenges.”

Valerie Ragan, Director, Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. [click here for bio]

“Delineating Dendritic Cell Subsets and their Responses to Classical Swine Fever Virus Infection in Lymphoid Tissue.”

Artur Summerfield, Institute of Virology and Immunology, University of Bern. [click here for bio]


“The Social Determinants of Prescribing: Leveraging Social Science to Improve the Use of Antibiotics.”

Julia Szymczak, Perelman School of Medicine and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania. [click here for bio]

 “Transmission and Control of Influenza: The Role of the Piglet.”

Montserrat Torremorell, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota. [click here for bio]

 “Spatio-Temporal Approaches to Surveillance Sampling for Disease Detection.”

Chong Wang, Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine and Department of Statistics, Iowa State University. [click here for bio]

Deciphering Bacterial Pathogenesis: Harnessing the Power of Genomics and Experimental Evolution.

Qijing Zhang, Professor and Frank Ramsey Endowed Chair in Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University. [click here for bio]

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